The Lion and the Mouse

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Once upon a time, in a big, green jungle, there was a strong lion. He was the king of all the animals, and everyone in the jungle was a bit scared of him.

One sunny day, a tiny mouse accidentally ran over the lion’s paw. The lion woke up and caught the little mouse.

The mouse said, “Please, Mr. Lion, don’t eat me! I’m just a tiny mouse. I promise to help you one day if you let me go.”

The lion laughed but decided to let the mouse go. The mouse ran away quickly.

A little while later, the lion was in trouble. Hunters had caught him in a trap and tied him to a tree. The lion roared for help, but no one heard him.

But guess who did hear him? The tiny mouse! It remembered the lion’s kindness and came to help. The mouse chewed through the ropes, and the lion was free!

The lion and the mouse became best friends. They helped each other, and the lion learned that even small friends can be a big help. The mouse learned that even big friends need help sometimes.

And so, in the big, green jungle, they showed everyone that friends can be found in unexpected places. They lived happily ever after.

Expected Morals:

Kindness is never wasted

Never underestimate others

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