The Three Billy Goats Gruff

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Once upon a time, in a lush green valley, there lived three billy goats. They were not very big, but they were very brave. The three brothers were named Gruff, Fluff, and Tuff.

One sunny morning, as they were munching on some tasty green grass, they looked across the babbling brook and saw the juiciest, greenest grass they had ever seen. But, there was a problem. To reach the delicious grass, they had to cross a rickety old bridge guarded by a big, mean troll.

Now, this troll wasn’t very friendly. He loved to bother anyone who tried to cross his bridge. Gruff, Fluff, and Tuff knew they had to be clever to outsmart the troll.

First, Gruff, the youngest and smallest of the brothers, decided to give it a try. He stepped onto the creaky bridge and said in his softest voice, “Mr. Troll, please let me cross. I’m just a tiny billy goat, and I won’t fill your tummy.”

The troll peeked out from under the bridge and frowned, “You’re too small, I want a bigger goat for my lunch!” So, he let Gruff go on.

Next, it was Fluff’s turn. Fluff was a bit bigger than Gruff, but not by much. He walked onto the bridge and said, “Mr. Troll, please let me cross. I’m just a medium-sized billy goat, and I won’t make a good meal.”

The troll grumbled, “You’re still not big enough for my taste. Go on, you can cross.” So, he let Fluff go as well.

Finally, it was Tuff’s turn. Tuff was the biggest and strongest of the three brothers. He marched onto the bridge and said, “Mr. Troll, I’m a big billy goat. You can’t eat me!”

The troll frowned and said, “I want a big feast, but you look too tough for me!” So, he let Tuff pass too.

The three brave billy goats reached the other side of the bridge and enjoyed the delicious green grass, knowing they had outsmarted the troll together. They learned that sometimes it’s not about being the biggest or the strongest; it’s about using your wits and working together to overcome obstacles.

From that day on, the troll never bothered anyone again, and the three billy goats could enjoy the tasty grass on the other side of the bridge whenever they wanted.

The moral of the story is: When you’re faced with a problem, you can often find a clever solution, and it’s always better to work together with your friends and family to overcome challenges.

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