The Tortoise and The Hare

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Once upon a time, two animals lived in a big green forest: a fast hare and a slow tortoise. They’re great friends, but they couldn’t be more different.

Hare is very fast and loves to show off their speed. He often made fun of the tortoise and said: ” You are too slow! You can’t catch me.

” The tortoise, on the other hand, is slow but patient. He wasn’t impressed by the sarcastic Hare. He just smiled and replied: ” Speed isn’t everything, slow and steady wins the race.

” One sunny day, an idea came to Hare’s mind. He encourages his son-in-law to go to the race. The tortoise was found and the news spread throughout the forest. Animals gather to watch the game. They know the Hare is faster, so they want him to win easily.

The race begins and the hare takes the lead, leaving the tortoise far behind. Confident of his victory, he decided to sleep under a shady tree. While the Hare dozen, the tortoise slowly continued its work. It doesn’t stop or have any effect.

He remembers his words: ” Slow and steady wins the race. ” When the Hare wakes up and realizes how far he has come, he runs as fast as he can until the end.

But it was too late. The tortoise crossed the finish line. The animals are happy with the tortoise’s situation and are surprised by its determination and patience.

The Hare was ashamed of his self-confidence. Since then, Hare has learned an important lesson: Speed alone does not guarantee success. Sometimes, slow movement can help you win the race. So the room and the Hare are still friends, and he tells everyone in the forest that he doesn’t just run fast; it’s about determination and never giving up.

Morals of the Story

Slow and Steady Wins the Race
Overconfidence Can Lead to Failure
Don’t Mock Others
Persistence Pays Off
Focus on Your Own Goals

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