The Ugly Duckling

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Once upon a time, on a peaceful farm, there was a little duckling. This duckling was different from the other ducklings. It was not as pretty as the rest, and its feathers were not as bright and colorful.

The other ducklings would quack and make fun of the little ducklings. They called it “ugly” and didn’t want to play with it. The little duckling felt very sad and lonely.

One day, the little duckling saw some beautiful swans swimming in a nearby pond. It admired their graceful movements and their elegant appearance. The little duckling wished it could be as lovely as those swans.

As time passed, the duckling grew bigger, and its feathers started to change. It didn’t look like the other ducklings anymore. Its feathers became pure white, and it started to look more and more like a swan.

One day, the little duckling decided to swim in the pond with the swans, even though it was nervous. To its surprise, the swans did not make fun of it. Instead, they welcomed it with open wings.

The little duckling was amazed when it looked at its reflection in the water. It had turned into a beautiful swan just like the ones it had admired. It was no longer an “ugly duckling.”

The other swans were kind and friendly, and they accepted the once-ugly duckling as one of their own. The little swan was very happy and realized that beauty comes from within, and that being kind and friendly was more important than how you looked on the outside.

From that day on, the swan lived happily with its new friends, and it learned an important lesson: it’s not how you look on the outside that matters but how you treat others and how kind you are that truly makes you beautiful.

The moral of the story is: “It’s what’s inside that counts, and true beauty comes from being kind and accepting others for who they are.”

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