The Ant and the Grasshopper

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Once upon a time, in a sunny meadow, there lived an ant and a grasshopper. They were friends, but they were very different.

The ant was a hardworking little fellow. Every day, he would collect grains of food and store them in his tiny house. He knew that winter would come, and he wanted to be prepared.

On the other hand, the grasshopper was a carefree insect. He loved to sing and dance in the warm sunshine. He didn’t think about the future at all.

One day, the ant said to the grasshopper, “Winter is coming, my friend. You should start collecting food like me, so you won’t go hungry when it’s cold.”

But the grasshopper laughed and said, “Why worry about winter when it’s so nice outside? I want to enjoy the present.”

The ant continued to work hard, while the grasshopper played and sang. Soon enough, winter arrived, and the meadow turned cold. The ant had plenty of food stored in his house, and he was warm and cozy.

But the grasshopper was shivering with hunger. He went to the ant and said, “Dear friend, I am so hungry and cold. Can you spare some food for me?”

The ant felt sorry for his friend and shared some of his food. The grasshopper realized his mistake and thanked the ant.

From that day on, the grasshopper learned the importance of being prepared for the future. He promised himself that he would work hard during the warm months to have enough food for the cold ones.

And so, the ant and the grasshopper became good friends who helped each other. They lived happily ever after, knowing that it’s essential to balance work and play and be prepared for the future.

The moral of the story is: “It’s wise to plan for the future and work hard, so you’ll be ready when times get tough.”

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