The Boy who Cried Wolf

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Once upon a time, a boy named Jack lived in a quiet village. Jack had the important job of looking after the village sheep. His job was to look after them and protect them from wolves.

One sunny day, Jack had a bad idea. He thought it would be fun to play the villagers. So, he ran to the village shouting, “Wolf! Wolf! A big, terrible wolf is coming to get the sheep!”

When the villagers heard this, they quickly grabbed their tools and rushed to the fields to help Jack. But when they arrived, they could not find the dog. Jack just laughed and said, “I fooled you! There was no werewolf.”

The villagers were not amused, but they forgave Jack, thinking it was just a harmless joke.

Days passed and Jack got bored. The bad thought came back to him. This time he shouted loudly, “Wolf! Wolf! A fierce wolf is attacking the sheep!”

Once again, the villagers rushed to the fields to help Jack, only to find no deer. Jack smiled and said, “I fooled you again! No wolf this time either.”

The villagers were now sad, but they forgave Jack again.

Then one evening, a real wolf came to the village. Jack looked at him and was frightened. He ran into the village, “Wolf! Wolf! A real wolf is here to hurt the sheep!”

But this time the villagers did not believe it. They thought it was just another game. Unfortunately, the wolf attacked the sheep, and Jack learned a valuable lesson.

The moral of the story: Always tell the truth. If you lie often, people will not trust you when you tell the truth.

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